10 Social Media Analytics Tools for Small Business Owners (2024)

What are social media analytics?

Social media analytics is the process of gathering and analyzing data from social media platforms to make informed business decisions. It involves tracking various metrics to measure the performance of your social media marketing efforts.

What social media metrics should you monitor?

Post and profile metrics

Post and profile metrics include likes, shares, comments, and follower growth. These metrics give you insight into the engagement and reach of your social media content.

Paid metrics

Paid metrics encompass data related to your paid social media campaigns, such as click-through rates, cost per click, and conversion rates. Monitoring these metrics helps you assess the effectiveness of your paid advertising efforts.

Social listening metrics

Social listening metrics involve monitoring brand mentions, sentiment analysis, and customer feedback. These metrics help you understand how your brand is perceived and what your audience is saying about your products or services.

What makes a good social media analytics tool?

A good social media analytics tool should provide comprehensive data on various social media platforms, offer customizable reporting features, and enable real-time monitoring. It should also have robust analytics and measurement capabilities to help you track and analyze key performance indicators.

4 tips for effectively using social media analytics tools

1. Make a plan

Prioritize the metrics that align with your business goals and create a plan for how you will use the insights gained from social media analytics to inform your marketing strategy.

2. Choose the right tool

Consider your specific business needs, budget, and the social media platforms you want to track. Select a tool that aligns with your requirements and offers the features and functionalities you need.

3. Monitor social data

Regularly monitor and analyze the data provided by your chosen analytics tool to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement. Use the insights to refine your social media strategy and tactics.

4. Optimize your strategy

Use the data and insights gathered from social media analytics to optimize your content, advertising, and engagement strategies. Continuously test and refine your approach based on the performance data to drive better results.

10 social media analytics tools for small business owners

Hootsuite Insights

Hootsuite Insights offers real-time social media monitoring, sentiment analysis, and customizable reporting features. It enables small business owners to track and measure their social media performance across multiple platforms.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social provides in-depth social media analytics, audience demographics, and engagement metrics. It also offers social listening capabilities to help small business owners understand and engage with their audience.


Agorapulse offers comprehensive analytics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It provides valuable insights into post performance, audience engagement, and competitor analysis.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking website traffic and user behavior. It offers social media reporting to help small business owners understand how social media drives website traffic and conversions.

Brandwatch Social for Small Business

Brandwatch Social for Small Business is designed to provide actionable insights for small businesses. It offers social listening, influencer identification, and sentiment analysis to help small business owners make data-driven decisions.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ provides competitive analysis and benchmarking for social media performance. It helps small business owners compare their social media metrics with competitors and identify areas for improvement.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights offers valuable data on post reach, engagement, and audience demographics. Small business owners can use this tool to understand how their content is performing on Facebook and make informed decisions about their social media strategy.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights provides detailed analytics for Instagram business accounts. It offers data on post impressions, reach, and audience demographics, enabling small business owners to measure the impact of their Instagram marketing efforts.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics offers insights into tweet performance, engagement metrics, and audience demographics. Small business owners can use this tool to understand how their tweets are resonating with their audience and adjust their Twitter strategy accordingly.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics provides data on pin performance, audience engagement, and website traffic. Small business owners can use this tool to measure the effectiveness of their Pinterest marketing efforts and optimize their Pinterest strategy.

Social media analytics tools FAQ

What are social media analytics tools?

Social media analytics tools are platforms that enable businesses to monitor, measure, and analyze their social media performance. They provide data on various metrics such as engagement, reach, and audience demographics to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

What is the cost of implementing social media analytics tools for my business?

The cost of implementing social media analytics tools varies depending on the specific tool, its features, and the size of your business. Some tools offer free versions with limited functionalities, while others require a monthly subscription fee. It’s essential to consider your budget and the value that the tool will provide to your business.

Are there free social media analytics tools available?

Yes, there are free social media analytics tools available, such as Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and Instagram Insights. These tools offer basic analytics and reporting features that can be valuable for small business owners who are just starting with social media analytics.

How can I use social media analytics tools to improve my social media strategy?

You can use social media analytics tools to gain insights into your audience, track the performance of your content, and measure the impact of your social media marketing efforts. By analyzing the data provided by these tools, you can identify trends, understand what resonates with your audience, and optimize your social media strategy for better results.

Can I get real-time insights with social media analytics tools?

Many social media analytics tools offer real-time monitoring and reporting features that enable businesses to track and analyze their social media performance as it happens. Real-time insights can be valuable for identifying emerging trends, monitoring campaign performance, and making timely adjustments to your social media strategy.

With the help of these social media analytics tools, small business owners can gain valuable insights into their social media performance and make informed decisions to optimize their marketing strategies. By monitoring the right metrics and using the data to refine their approach, small business owners can effectively leverage social media to grow their e-commerce shops in 2024.