9 Google Shopping Tools and Features for 2024

As an ecommerce shop owner, staying on top of the latest tools and features is crucial for driving growth and increasing sales. Google Shopping is a powerful platform for reaching potential customers, and in 2024, it’s offering a range of new tools and features to help you maximize your marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at 9 Google Shopping tools and features that you should be using to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Search with the word “shop”

Google has introduced a new feature that allows users to search with the word “shop” to find products for sale. This means that when potential customers are searching for a specific item, they can now directly indicate that they are looking to make a purchase. As an ecommerce shop owner, optimizing your product listings with relevant keywords will be even more important to ensure that your products appear in these search results.

2. Shop the look

With the “Shop the Look” feature, Google is making it easier for users to find and purchase products that are featured in images. This is especially beneficial for ecommerce shops that sell clothing, accessories, and home decor items. By ensuring that your product images are high-quality and visually appealing, you can take advantage of this feature to drive more sales.

3. See what’s trending

Google Shopping now allows users to see what products are trending in real-time. This feature provides valuable insights into popular products, allowing you to adjust your inventory and marketing strategies to capitalize on current trends. Keep an eye on these trends to identify new opportunities for growth.

4. Shop in 3D

One of the most exciting new features on Google Shopping is the ability to shop in 3D. This feature allows users to view products in three dimensions, providing a more immersive and interactive shopping experience. Ecommerce shops that sell products with intricate details or unique features can utilize this feature to showcase their products in a more engaging way.

5. Get help with complex purchases

For ecommerce shops that sell complex or technical products, Google Shopping now offers a feature that helps users make informed decisions when making these types of purchases. This can be particularly beneficial for driving sales of high-ticket items, as it provides potential customers with the information they need to feel confident in their purchase.

6. See what other shoppers think

Social proof is a powerful tool for ecommerce marketing, and Google Shopping now includes a feature that shows users what other shoppers think about specific products. This can include ratings, reviews, and user-generated content, all of which can help build trust and credibility for your products.

7. Get personalized results

Personalization is key to delivering a tailored shopping experience, and Google Shopping has enhanced its ability to provide personalized results for users. By leveraging user data and preferences, you can ensure that your products are being shown to the right audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

8. Shop your way with new filters

Google Shopping has introduced new filters that allow users to refine their search results based on their individual preferences. As an ecommerce shop owner, it’s important to optimize your product listings to ensure that they appear in relevant filter categories, making it easier for potential customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

9. Inspiration beyond the Search box

Finally, Google Shopping now provides users with inspiration beyond the traditional search box. This feature encourages users to explore and discover new products, giving ecommerce shops the opportunity to showcase their products to users who may not have been actively searching for them.


Google Shopping continues to evolve and introduce new tools and features to help ecommerce shops reach and convert potential customers. By staying informed about these new offerings and leveraging them to your advantage, you can position your ecommerce shop for continued growth and success in 2024 and beyond.