Bing adds 2024 Olympic Games search feature & “Events to Watch” prediction tool

As the 2024 Olympic Games approach, Bing has rolled out a new search feature and prediction tool that allows users to stay updated on all the latest events and results. In this article, we’ll take a look at how this new feature works and how it can be beneficial for ecommerce shops looking to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the Olympic Games.

What is the new Bing search feature?

The new Bing search feature allows users to quickly and easily find information about the 2024 Olympic Games, including event schedules, athlete profiles, and medal standings. This feature is designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of the Games, allowing them to stay informed and engaged throughout the event.

How does the “Events to Watch” prediction tool work?

In addition to the search feature, Bing has also introduced an “Events to Watch” prediction tool that allows users to make predictions about the outcomes of various Olympic events. This tool uses historical data and expert analysis to provide users with insights into which events are likely to be the most exciting and competitive, making it easier for them to plan their viewing schedule.

How can ecommerce shops leverage this new feature?

For ecommerce shops, the 2024 Olympic Games present a unique opportunity to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the event and drive sales. By leveraging the new Bing search feature and prediction tool, shops can create targeted marketing campaigns that appeal to users who are interested in the Games. For example, shops could create special promotions or discounts for products related to popular Olympic events, or use the prediction tool to engage users in fun competitions and giveaways.

Benefits of using the Bing search feature for ecommerce

There are several benefits to using the new Bing search feature for ecommerce shops. Firstly, it provides a valuable source of real-time data and insights into user behavior and interests during the Olympic Games. This information can be used to tailor marketing strategies and create targeted campaigns that resonate with users. Additionally, the search feature can help shops stay ahead of the competition by identifying trending products and categories related to the Games.

How to incorporate the prediction tool into marketing strategies

The “Events to Watch” prediction tool can also be leveraged by ecommerce shops to create engaging marketing campaigns. For example, shops could run contests or promotions that encourage users to make predictions about the outcomes of Olympic events, with the chance to win prizes or discounts. This not only generates excitement and engagement among users, but also provides valuable data about their preferences and interests.


The new Bing search feature and “Events to Watch” prediction tool offer exciting opportunities for ecommerce shops to capitalize on the 2024 Olympic Games. By leveraging these tools to create targeted marketing campaigns and engage users in fun competitions, shops can drive sales and increase brand visibility during this highly anticipated event.