Google to Deprecate Showcase Shopping Ads in 2024

As an ecommerce shop owner, staying up to date with the latest changes in digital marketing is crucial for your business’s success. Google has recently announced that they will be deprecating Showcase Shopping Ads in 2024, which will have a significant impact on how you can market your products on the platform. In this article, we will explore what this change means for your ecommerce shop and how you can adapt your marketing strategies to continue driving growth.

What are Showcase Shopping Ads?

Showcase Shopping Ads are a type of Google Ads that allow ecommerce businesses to group related products together and display them in a visually appealing format. These ads are ideal for brands looking to showcase a range of products and create a more immersive shopping experience for potential customers. With the deprecation of Showcase Shopping Ads, businesses will need to find alternative ways to achieve similar results.

Why is Google Deprecating Showcase Shopping Ads?

Google has stated that the decision to deprecate Showcase Shopping Ads is part of their ongoing efforts to streamline and simplify their advertising offerings. By focusing on core ad formats, Google aims to improve the overall user experience and make it easier for businesses to create and manage their campaigns. While this change may initially seem daunting, it presents an opportunity for ecommerce shops to explore new strategies and reach their target audience in different ways.

Adapting Your Marketing Strategies

With Showcase Shopping Ads being phased out, it’s essential to start thinking about how you can adapt your marketing strategies to continue driving growth for your ecommerce shop. One alternative to Showcase Shopping Ads is to focus on standard Shopping Ads, which allow you to promote individual products directly within Google’s search results. By optimizing your product feeds and leveraging relevant keywords, you can still reach potential customers at the moment they are searching for products like yours.

Exploring New Opportunities

Aside from standard Shopping Ads, there are other opportunities for ecommerce shops to consider in light of the deprecation of Showcase Shopping Ads. For example, Google has been investing heavily in visual search technology, which allows users to search for products using images rather than text. By optimizing your product images and leveraging visual search, you can potentially reach a new audience of shoppers who are looking for products similar to yours.


In conclusion, the deprecation of Showcase Shopping Ads by Google presents a challenge for ecommerce shop owners, but also an opportunity to explore new marketing strategies and reach potential customers in different ways. By adapting your approach and staying informed about the latest developments in digital marketing, you can continue to drive growth for your ecommerce shop and stay ahead of the competition.