How To Use Brand Activations To Engage With Your Audience (2024)

What are brand activations?

Brand activations are marketing campaigns that aim to engage consumers and create a memorable experience around a brand. They are designed to bring a brand to life and form a meaningful connection with the target audience.

Benefits of brand activations

Reach new audiences

Brand activations can help reach new audiences by creating buzz and excitement around a brand, attracting the attention of potential customers who may not have previously been aware of the brand.

Drive social media engagement

Brand activations often generate a lot of social media content as attendees share their experiences online. This can help drive engagement and increase brand visibility on social media platforms.

Create emotional connections

By creating a memorable and immersive experience, brand activations can form emotional connections with consumers, leading to long-lasting brand loyalty and advocacy.

Brand activation ideas

Set up a stunt

Stunts are attention-grabbing events that can generate a lot of buzz and media coverage. They are a great way to create a memorable impression and get people talking about the brand.

Give away samples

Sampling is a popular brand activation tactic, allowing consumers to experience the product firsthand and create a positive association with the brand.

Create a pop-up store

Pop-up stores are temporary retail spaces that can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, driving excitement and interest in the brand.

Team up with a festival

Partnering with a festival or event can provide a platform to reach a large and diverse audience, while also aligning the brand with a specific lifestyle or interest.

Form a partnership

Collaborating with another brand or organization can help amplify the reach and impact of a brand activation, while also creating a unique and memorable experience for consumers.

Create a virtual event

With the rise of virtual experiences, brands can create immersive online events that allow for global reach and engagement, reaching audiences beyond geographical boundaries.

Launch a guerilla marketing campaign

Guerilla marketing involves unconventional and unexpected tactics to create a memorable and impactful brand activation that stands out from traditional marketing efforts.

Host an in-store brand activation

In-store activations can create a unique and immersive experience for customers, driving foot traffic and increasing sales while strengthening the brand-consumer relationship.

An example of a brand activation

An example of a successful brand activation is the “Red Bull Stratos” campaign, where Red Bull sponsored and supported Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking freefall from the edge of space. This event generated significant media coverage and social media buzz, showcasing Red Bull’s brand values of adrenaline and adventure.

Brand activation FAQ

What is brand activation?

Brand activation is a marketing strategy that aims to engage consumers and create a memorable experience around a brand to form a meaningful connection with the target audience.

When is a brand activation event a good idea?

Brand activation events are a good idea when a brand wants to create buzz, engage with its audience, and leave a lasting impression that can drive brand loyalty and advocacy.

What are the most common formats of brand activation?

The most common formats of brand activation include stunts, sampling, pop-up stores, partnerships, virtual events, guerilla marketing campaigns, and in-store activations.