New key insights from Google’s John Mueller at SMX 2024


At the recent Search Marketing Expo (SMX) in 2024, Google’s John Mueller shared some key insights and updates about Google Search. These insights are crucial for ecommerce shops looking to improve their online visibility and marketing strategies. In this article, we will delve into the new changes and updates from Google Search and how they can impact ecommerce growth and marketing strategies.

What changed with Google Search in 2020

One of the key insights shared by John Mueller was about the changes in Google Search in 2020. He emphasized the importance of keeping up with these changes and adapting ecommerce strategies accordingly. Mueller highlighted the shift towards user-centric search algorithms and the need for ecommerce shops to prioritize user experience and quality content.

Page Experience Update

Another important update discussed by Mueller was the Page Experience Update. This update focuses on factors such as page loading speed, mobile-friendliness, safe browsing, and more. Ecommerce shops need to prioritize optimizing their website’s page experience to ensure better visibility and user satisfaction.

FAQ schema scaled back

During the SMX event, Mueller also addressed the scaling back of FAQ schema in search results. This change can impact how ecommerce shops structure their FAQ pages and content. It is crucial for online retailers to review and update their FAQ schema implementation to align with Google’s updated guidelines.

Request indexing tool status

One of the key insights shared by Mueller was about the status of the request indexing tool. He discussed the importance of using this tool strategically to ensure that new and updated content gets indexed efficiently. Ecommerce shops should leverage this tool to enhance the visibility of their products and promotions on Google Search.


Mueller also touched upon the importance of diversity in search results. He emphasized the need for ecommerce shops to focus on creating inclusive and diverse content that resonates with a wide range of audiences. This can positively impact the visibility and reach of ecommerce businesses on Google Search.

So much more…

Aside from the key insights mentioned above, John Mueller shared a wealth of other valuable information at SMX 2024. From the importance of structured data to the impact of machine learning on search algorithms, ecommerce shops have a lot to consider and implement in their growth and marketing strategies.


Google’s John Mueller provided ecommerce shops with invaluable insights and updates at SMX 2024. It is crucial for online retailers to stay informed about these changes and adapt their strategies accordingly. By prioritizing user experience, optimizing page experience, updating FAQ schema, leveraging the request indexing tool, and embracing diversity, ecommerce shops can enhance their online visibility and drive growth in the competitive digital landscape.