The Best Time to Upload Videos to YouTube for Ecommerce Growth (2023)

Why does upload time matter on YouTube?

YouTube is a platform with over 2 billion active users, and the timing of your video upload can greatly impact its visibility and reach. With the right timing, you can maximize your video’s potential for engagement, views, and ultimately, growth for your ecommerce business.

What are the best times to upload videos on YouTube?

When it comes to determining the best time to upload videos on YouTube, there are several factors to consider. Understanding your target audience, their geographic location, and their peak activity times can help you strategically schedule your uploads for maximum impact.

Factors for choosing the best time to publish YouTube videos

1. Viewer age

The age demographic of your target audience can influence the best time to upload videos. For example, if your ecommerce shop caters to a younger audience, you may find that uploading videos in the evening or late at night yields better results.

2. Geographic location

Consider the time zone and location of your target audience. If your ecommerce business has a global reach, you may need to schedule multiple uploads to cater to different time zones.

3. Peak activity times

Research when your target audience is most active on YouTube. This can vary based on factors such as work schedules, school hours, and leisure time. Uploading videos during peak activity times can increase the likelihood of engagement and views.

4. Past performance

Review the analytics of your past video uploads to identify patterns or trends. This data can provide valuable insights into the best times to upload videos for your specific audience and niche.

5. Current events

Consider external factors such as holidays, events, or trending topics that may impact viewer behavior. Aligning your video uploads with relevant current events can boost engagement and visibility.

Best time to upload to YouTube FAQ

Does rewatching a video count as a view?

Yes, rewatching a video does count as a view. However, YouTube’s algorithm also takes into account other metrics such as watch time, likes, and comments to determine a video’s overall performance.

What time of day is YouTube most active?

YouTube’s peak activity times can vary depending on the audience and geographic location. Generally, evenings and weekends tend to be high-traffic periods for the platform.

Can uploading during off-peak hours have any advantages or disadvantages?

Uploading during off-peak hours can have both advantages and disadvantages. While there may be less competition during off-peak times, there may also be fewer active viewers to engage with your content.

Does the type of content I create on YouTube influence the best time for uploading, or is it generally the same for all genres?

The type of content you create can influence the best time for uploading. For example, if your content is educational, you may find that uploading during weekdays and daytime hours when viewers are seeking information yields better results.

How long should I wait after uploading a video to promote it to maximize its reach?

It’s advisable to promote your video shortly after uploading to capitalize on initial engagement and momentum. Utilize social media, email marketing, and other channels to drive traffic to your video as soon as it’s live.

Does time zone affect the ideal upload time on YouTube?

Yes, time zone considerations are crucial for a global audience. It’s important to schedule uploads to accommodate different time zones and maximize reach across diverse geographic locations.


Choosing the best time to upload videos on YouTube is a strategic decision that can significantly impact the growth of your ecommerce business. By considering factors such as viewer age, geographic location, peak activity times, past performance, and current events, you can optimize your video upload schedule for maximum engagement and visibility.

Stay informed about your audience, leverage analytics, and adapt to changing trends to ensure that your video uploads align with the most opportune times for reaching and engaging your target market.