31 Holiday Marketing Ideas To Earn More in 2024

31 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas

1. Develop holiday-specific products or variants

Creating products that are specifically tailored to the holiday season can attract more customers and drive sales.

2. “Gift-ify” your existing product catalog

Make your products more giftable by bundling them together or offering special packaging.

3. Offer digital gift cards

Give customers the option to purchase digital gift cards for their loved ones.

4. Create holiday collections

Curate a selection of products that are perfect for the holiday season and promote them as a collection.

5. Consider timed holiday “drops”

Create anticipation by releasing new products or collections at specific times during the holiday season.

6. Add gift wrapping as a product

Offer customers the convenience of adding gift wrapping to their orders for a small fee.

7. Develop a holiday gift guide

Create a gift guide that showcases your products and helps customers find the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

8. Promote your holiday sales and products on social

Use social media to showcase your holiday offerings and promotions to reach a wider audience.

9. Use content marketing to drive traffic

Create holiday-themed blog posts, videos, and social media content to engage your audience and drive traffic to your site.

10. Host a giveaway

Run a holiday-themed giveaway to generate excitement and attract new customers.

11. Update social media headers or avatars

Give your social media profiles a holiday makeover to create a festive atmosphere.

12. Send a holiday discount code to your email list

Reward your email subscribers with a special holiday discount code to encourage them to make a purchase.

13. Incentivize new subscribers with a discount

Offer a discount to new subscribers to your email list to entice them to make a purchase.

14. Launch a timed email campaign with daily or weekly features

Create a sense of urgency and excitement with a timed email campaign that highlights different products or promotions each day or week.

15. Swap out standard lifestyle images with festive versions

Update your product images and lifestyle shots with holiday-themed versions to create a seasonal vibe.

16. Dress up your homepage

Give your website a holiday makeover by updating banners, graphics, and messaging to reflect the season.

17. Add an announcement bar

Use an announcement bar on your website to promote holiday sales, shipping deadlines, or special offers.

18. Create a gift registry or add a wish list feature

Make it easy for customers to create and share holiday wish lists, or to register for gifts for special occasions.

19. Enable gift-wrapping with an app

Utilize an app to offer gift-wrapping options during the checkout process.

20. Add a countdown bar

Create a sense of urgency by adding a countdown bar to your website to highlight shipping deadlines or limited-time promotions.

21. Create a shareable shipping calendar

Provide customers with a shipping calendar to ensure they know the last dates to order for delivery before the holidays.

22. Promote last-minute delivery and pick-up options

Make sure customers are aware of your last-minute delivery and pick-up options to capture those final sales.

23. Enable multiple-address shipping on a single order

Make it easy for customers to send gifts to multiple recipients in a single order.

24. Update your returns policy and set up seamless returns

Ensure that your returns policy is clear and accommodating for holiday purchases, and make the returns process as easy as possible.

25. Organize a BIA holiday marketing campaign

Participate in a “Buy It In-Store, Get It Online” campaign to drive foot traffic to your physical store and encourage online purchases.

26. Host an in-store event for loyal customers

Create a special event for your loyal customers to show appreciation and encourage holiday shopping.

27. Try a holiday market

Participate in a holiday market or pop-up event to showcase your products and reach new customers.

28. Host a workshop or class

Offer a holiday-themed workshop or class related to your products to engage customers and drive sales.

29. Reallocate marketing efforts to last-minute gifts

Shift your marketing focus to last-minute gift ideas as the holiday season progresses and deadlines approach.

30. Say thanks

Show appreciation to your customers with a thank-you message or special offer during the holiday season.

31. Promote your Boxing Day deals

Keep the momentum going after the holidays by promoting your Boxing Day sales and deals.

5 Tips to Make Your Holiday Marketing Ideas Successful

1. Plan early

Start planning your holiday marketing campaigns and promotions well in advance to maximize their effectiveness.

2. Set goals for holiday sales

Establish clear sales goals for the holiday season to guide your marketing efforts and measure success.

3. Create a holiday marketing strategy

Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy specifically tailored to the holiday season, including a mix of online and offline tactics.

4. Personalize your marketing efforts

Personalize your marketing messages and offers to resonate with your target audience and make a lasting impression.

5. Showcase your personality

Infuse your holiday marketing campaigns with your brand’s personality and values to connect with customers on a deeper level.

Wrap up 2023 with a bang

Make the most of the holiday season by implementing these creative and effective marketing ideas to drive sales and end the year on a high note.

Holiday Marketing Ideas FAQ

What is the best form of marketing for the holidays?

The best form of marketing for the holidays depends on your target audience and products, but a combination of social media, email marketing, and in-store promotions can be highly effective.

How do you attract customers during the holidays?

You can attract customers during the holidays by offering exclusive promotions, creating a festive atmosphere in your marketing materials, and providing excellent customer service.

What are some creative holiday marketing campaign ideas?

Creative holiday marketing campaign ideas include developing holiday-specific products, hosting in-store events, and offering personalized gift options.

When should I start marketing holiday items?

Start marketing holiday items as early as October to capture early shoppers, and continue promoting them throughout the season to reach last-minute buyers.