Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies for Holiday Sales 2024

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How do holidays affect Facebook advertising?

The holiday season brings about a shift in consumer behavior, and this has a direct impact on Facebook advertising. Understanding these effects is crucial for running successful holiday campaigns.

Increased competition

During the holidays, more businesses are vying for the attention of consumers, leading to increased competition in the Facebook ad space. This means that your ads need to stand out even more to be noticed.

Ad costs increase

With increased competition comes higher ad costs. It’s not uncommon for the cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) to spike during the holiday season, making it more challenging to achieve a positive return on ad spend.

More people shopping online

The holiday season sees a surge in online shopping as people seek to avoid crowded malls and take advantage of holiday deals. This presents a significant opportunity for ecommerce businesses to reach a larger audience through Facebook advertising.

Principles for running better holiday campaigns

Warmer is better

During the holidays, people are in a more festive and giving mood. Tailoring your ad creatives and messaging to evoke the holiday spirit can resonate more with your audience and drive better results.

Invest early and often

Don’t wait until the holiday rush to start ramping up your ad spend. Investing early and consistently throughout the holiday season can help you build momentum and stay competitive in the ad auction.

Outsmart other advertisers

With increased competition, it’s essential to outsmart other advertisers by being strategic with your targeting, ad formats, and bidding strategies. Staying ahead of the curve can give you a significant advantage.

14 advanced strategies to prepare for the holiday season

1. Invest in video content for better retargeting

Video ads tend to perform well on Facebook, especially during the holidays. Use video content to engage your audience and build a retargeting pool for more effective ad campaigns.

2. Increase your remarketing audience

Expand your remarketing audience by creating custom audience segments based on specific holiday-related behaviors, such as visiting your website, adding items to cart, or engaging with your ads.

3. Train your pixel to find the right audience

Utilize Facebook’s pixel to track and optimize for conversions. Train your pixel by feeding it data from your holiday campaigns to help it identify and target the right audience more effectively.

4. Build your email list

Use lead generation ads to capture email addresses from potential customers. Building your email list during the holidays can lead to long-term benefits for your business beyond the holiday season.

5. Determine email lifetime value (LTV)

Understanding the lifetime value of your email subscribers can help you allocate your holiday ad budget more effectively. Focus on acquiring high LTV email subscribers to maximize your return on investment.

6. Use the right objective per channel

Align your ad objectives with the different stages of the customer journey. For example, use traffic or engagement objectives for top-of-funnel awareness, and conversion objectives for driving holiday sales.

7. Increase daily budgets

Be prepared to increase your daily ad budgets to accommodate the higher competition and ad costs during the holiday season. Monitor your ad performance closely and adjust budgets as needed to maximize results.

8. Create and test Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) are highly effective for showcasing relevant products to potential customers. Create and test DPAs to capitalize on the holiday shopping frenzy and drive more sales.

9. Setup offline conversion tracking

If your ecommerce business has physical stores, set up offline conversion tracking to attribute in-store sales to your Facebook ads. This can provide valuable insights into the impact of your holiday campaigns.

10. Optimize your mobile experience

With more people shopping on mobile devices during the holidays, it’s crucial to ensure that your website and landing pages are optimized for mobile. A seamless mobile experience can improve ad performance and conversion rates.

11. Experiment with event value targeting

Utilize event value optimization to prioritize ad delivery to people who are more likely to make high-value purchases. This can help you maximize the impact of your holiday ad spend.

12. Test local awareness campaigns

If you have physical stores, consider running local awareness campaigns to drive foot traffic during the holidays. Target nearby customers with compelling offers and promotions to boost in-store sales.

13. Get access to offline purchase objectives

Take advantage of Facebook’s offline purchase objectives to measure the impact of your ads on in-store purchases. This can provide valuable insights for optimizing your holiday campaigns.

14. Review breakdowns to determine most valuable audiences

Review ad performance breakdowns to identify the most valuable audience segments during the holidays. Use this data to refine your targeting and allocate budget towards high-performing audiences.

Getting your slice of the holiday pie

By implementing these advanced Facebook ad strategies for holiday sales, ecommerce businesses can position themselves for success during the holiday season. It’s essential to stay agile, monitor performance, and continuously optimize your campaigns to make the most of the holiday shopping frenzy.

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Facebook Ads Holiday Strategy FAQ

Are Facebook ads more expensive during the holidays?

Yes, due to increased competition and higher demand for ad inventory, Facebook ads tend to be more expensive during the holidays. It’s important to factor this into your holiday ad budget and be strategic with your ad spend.

Are Facebook ads more expensive at Christmas?

Christmas is a peak shopping period, so ad costs on Facebook can spike during this time. Advertisers should plan and execute their holiday campaigns with this in mind to achieve the best results.

What makes a great holiday marketing strategy?

A great holiday marketing strategy involves understanding your target audience, leveraging season-specific messaging and creatives, and implementing advanced ad strategies to maximize your reach and impact during the holiday season.