Google’s Latest Updates: How They Can Boost Your Ecommerce Shop in 2024

Google has been constantly evolving and updating its features to provide better user experience and help businesses grow. As an ecommerce shop owner, it’s important to stay updated with the latest changes and utilize them to boost your shop’s visibility and sales. In this article, we’ll explore some of Google’s latest updates and how they can benefit your ecommerce shop in 2024.

Find food through Multisearch

Google’s Multisearch feature allows users to search for multiple things at once. For example, users can search for “Italian restaurants near me” and get results for both Italian restaurants and nearby locations. As an ecommerce shop owner, you can take advantage of this feature by optimizing your shop for local search. Make sure your shop’s location and relevant keywords are optimized for local searches to attract nearby customers looking for your products.

Search for specific dishes

With Google’s latest update, users can now search for specific dishes and see results that include recipes, ingredients, and nearby restaurants that serve the dish. This update presents an opportunity for ecommerce shop owners selling food-related products. You can optimize your product descriptions and keywords to match specific dishes, making it easier for users to find your products when they search for a particular dish.

Google Lens translate getting an upgrade

Google Lens is a powerful tool that allows users to search using images. With the latest upgrade, Google Lens can now translate text in real time, making it easier for users to understand and interact with foreign languages. As an ecommerce shop owner, you can leverage this feature by providing multilingual product descriptions and content on your shop. This can help you attract a wider audience and improve the user experience for non-native speakers.

Google Shopping with AR shoes

Augmented reality (AR) has been gaining traction in the ecommerce industry, and Google is taking it a step further with AR-enabled shopping for shoes. Users can now use AR to see how a pair of shoes would look on them before making a purchase. As an ecommerce shop owner, you can integrate AR technology into your shop to provide a more immersive shopping experience for your customers. This can help reduce returns and improve customer satisfaction.

New shopping models for AR beauty

Similar to AR-enabled shoe shopping, Google is also introducing new shopping models for AR beauty products. Users can virtually try on makeup and skincare products before making a purchase. As an ecommerce shop owner in the beauty industry, you can embrace this technology to offer virtual try-on experiences for your products. This can help users make informed purchase decisions and increase your shop’s conversion rate.

Google Maps live view search

Google Maps now offers a live view search feature that uses augmented reality to overlay information and directions on the real world. This feature can be beneficial for ecommerce shop owners with physical stores. You can optimize your shop’s location on Google Maps and provide additional information, such as promotions or events, to attract potential customers who are using the live view search feature.

Google Maps adds EV charging filters and wheelchair accessibility

Google Maps is also making it easier for users to find EV charging stations and wheelchair-accessible locations. If your ecommerce shop caters to environmentally conscious customers or those with accessibility needs, you can optimize your shop’s information on Google Maps to highlight any relevant facilities or services. This can help you attract and cater to specific customer segments.

Why we care

As an ecommerce shop owner, staying informed about Google’s latest updates and utilizing them to your advantage can give you a competitive edge in the market. By understanding and implementing these updates, you can improve your shop’s visibility, attract new customers, and enhance the overall shopping experience for your existing customers. Keep an eye on Google’s future updates and be ready to adapt and optimize your ecommerce shop for continued growth.