Grow Your Ecommerce Business Globally with Shopify Markets

Increase sales by localizing your online store for international visitors

Expanding your ecommerce business globally can significantly increase your sales. However, simply offering international shipping may not be enough to attract and retain customers from different countries. Localizing your online store for international visitors is essential to effectively reach and engage with global audiences.

Sell in local currencies

One of the key factors in localizing your online store is to offer prices in the local currency of the market you are targeting. This not only makes it easier for international customers to understand the pricing but also helps in increasing their trust and confidence in making a purchase.

Translate your store in multiple languages

Language is a critical aspect of localization. To effectively reach international customers, it is important to translate your store into multiple languages. This allows customers to browse and shop in their preferred language, making the overall shopping experience more convenient and personalized.

Adapt store content by market

Understanding the cultural nuances and preferences of different markets is crucial in creating a personalized shopping experience. Adapting your store content, including product descriptions, marketing materials, and customer support, to cater to the specific needs and preferences of each market can significantly improve customer engagement and conversion rates.

Customize your store’s domain for each market

Customizing your store’s domain for each market not only enhances your brand’s local presence but also improves search engine visibility in different regions. It also helps in building trust and credibility with local customers, as they are more likely to shop from a website that appears to be specifically tailored to their region.

Offer local payment methods

Providing local payment methods that are commonly used and trusted in each market can eliminate barriers to purchasing and increase conversion rates. Offering a variety of payment options, such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and local payment gateways, can make the checkout process seamless for international customers.

Collect duties and import taxes upfront

Calculating and displaying duties and import taxes upfront at the time of purchase can prevent unexpected costs for international customers and improve transparency. This can also help in reducing the likelihood of abandoned carts and increasing customer satisfaction.

Fine-tune your operations with Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets is a powerful tool that can help ecommerce businesses streamline and optimize their global operations. It offers a range of features and capabilities to effectively manage and expand into new markets.

Optimize new markets quickly

With Shopify Markets, you can quickly set up and optimize new markets by easily configuring settings such as currencies, languages, and payment methods. This allows you to efficiently enter and test new markets without significant development or operational overhead.

Configure your own market areas

Shopify Markets allows you to define and configure your own market areas based on geographical regions, allowing you to tailor your strategies and offerings to specific market segments. This level of customization can help in effectively targeting and serving diverse international audiences.

Set custom pricing by market

Customizing pricing by market enables you to account for variations in costs, competition, and purchasing power in different regions. This flexibility allows you to strategically price your products to remain competitive and maximize profitability in each market.

Customize product publishing by market

Shopify Markets enables you to customize product availability and visibility by market, ensuring that you can offer the right products to the right customers in each region. This level of control allows you to optimize your product assortment and offerings to cater to local preferences and demand.

Define order routing rules by market

Efficiently manage and fulfill orders from different markets by setting up order routing rules based on location, inventory availability, and fulfillment capabilities. This helps in optimizing your logistics and fulfillment processes to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery to international customers.

Take the next step towards building your global empire with Markets Pro

For ecommerce businesses looking to take their global expansion to the next level, Shopify Markets Pro offers advanced features and capabilities to further optimize and scale their international operations. With enhanced customization, automation, and analytics, Markets Pro provides the tools and insights needed to build a successful global empire.

Start going global today

Expanding your ecommerce business globally with Shopify Markets can unlock new growth opportunities and revenue streams. By localizing your online store for international visitors and fine-tuning your operations with Shopify Markets, you can effectively reach and engage with global audiences, driving sales and building a strong international presence for your ecommerce business.

Take advantage of the powerful features and capabilities offered by Shopify Markets to start going global today and take your ecommerce business to new heights.