How to Secure Sponsorships for Instagram and Events in 2024

What is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship is a form of partnership between a brand or company and an individual or event. The sponsor provides financial support or resources in exchange for promotion and visibility.

Types of sponsorships

There are various types of sponsorships, including social media sponsorships, event sponsorships, product sponsorships, and more. Each type offers different opportunities for collaboration and promotion.

How to get sponsored in 7 steps

1. Identify your goals

Before seeking sponsorships, it’s essential to identify your goals and what you hope to achieve through the partnership. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or expanding your audience, having clear goals will guide your sponsorship efforts.

2. Define your personal brand

Define your personal brand and what sets you apart from others. Highlight your unique selling points, values, and the audience you attract. This will help potential sponsors understand how your brand aligns with theirs.

3. Define your audience

Understanding your audience is crucial for attracting the right sponsors. Provide demographic and psychographic information about your followers or event attendees to show sponsors the potential reach and impact of the partnership.

4. Elevate your brand profile

Prior to seeking sponsorships, work on elevating your brand profile. This may include creating high-quality content, growing your social media following, and engaging with your audience. A strong brand profile will make you more appealing to potential sponsors.

5. Research potential sponsors

Research and identify potential sponsors whose values align with yours. Look for companies or organizations that target a similar audience and have a genuine interest in your brand. This will increase the likelihood of a successful partnership.

6. Create a sponsorship proposal

Develop a sponsorship proposal that outlines the benefits of collaborating with you. Include details about your brand, audience demographics, the specific sponsorship opportunities you offer, and the potential return on investment for the sponsor.

7. Contact potential sponsors

Reach out to potential sponsors with a personalized pitch that highlights the value of partnering with you. Be clear about what you can offer and how the partnership can benefit the sponsor. Follow up and be persistent in your pursuit of sponsorships.

How to get sponsored FAQ

What type of companies or organizations offer sponsorships?

Many types of companies and organizations offer sponsorships, including fashion brands, tech companies, beauty companies, sports organizations, and more. It’s important to find sponsors that align with your brand and audience.

What are some mistakes to avoid when seeking sponsorship?

Some common mistakes to avoid when seeking sponsorship include approaching sponsors without a clear plan or proposal, failing to follow up with potential sponsors, and not understanding the needs and expectations of the sponsor.

How can you increase your chances of getting sponsored?

To increase your chances of getting sponsored, focus on building a strong personal brand, creating valuable and engaging content, and demonstrating the potential return on investment for sponsors. Networking and building relationships within your industry can also open doors to sponsorship opportunities.

Do I need to disclose sponsorship?

Yes, it’s important to disclose any sponsored content or partnerships in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines. Transparency with your audience builds trust and credibility, and it’s a legal requirement to disclose sponsored content.


Securing sponsorships for Instagram and events can be a valuable source of support and collaboration for eCommerce shops. By following the steps outlined in this article and being proactive in your pursuit of sponsorships, you can create meaningful partnerships that benefit both you and your sponsors.