10+ Best Welcome Email Examples That Really Work 2024

Welcome Emails That Make a Lasting Impression

What is a welcome email?

A welcome email is the first message a customer receives when they sign up for a newsletter, create an account, or make a purchase from an ecommerce shop. It is the first opportunity for a brand to make a positive and lasting impression on a new customer.

12 best welcome email examples

1. reMarkable

The reMarkable welcome email stands out with its clean and minimalist design, showcasing the simplicity of their product. The email provides a clear and concise message, inviting the recipient to explore the features of their digital paper tablet.

2. Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth’s welcome email uses a warm and inviting tone, reflecting their brand name. It includes a personalized message, a discount offer, and a call to action to start shopping for their premium bamboo bedding products.

3. Chipotle

Chipotle’s welcome email is fun and engaging, featuring colorful imagery and a playful message. It includes a reward program invitation, encouraging customers to join and earn free food rewards with every purchase.

4. Persona

Persona’s welcome email focuses on personalization, addressing the recipient by name and providing a special offer tailored to their interests. The email also includes a clear call to action to create a personalized vitamin pack.

5. Ten Tree

Ten Tree’s welcome email showcases their commitment to sustainability and environmental impact. The email includes a powerful visual of their reforestation efforts, inviting customers to join their mission and shop for eco-friendly apparel.

6. Under Armour

Under Armour’s welcome email features high-quality imagery of their athletic apparel and gear, highlighting their performance-driven products. The email also includes a call to action to explore their latest collections and exclusive offers.

7. Beardbrand

Beardbrand’s welcome email is targeted towards a specific audience, addressing men with beards and grooming enthusiasts. The email includes a personalized message, product recommendations, and a guide to mastering the art of grooming.

8. GOOD Meat

GOOD Meat’s welcome email focuses on their sustainable and ethical approach to meat production. The email includes a compelling narrative about their mission, along with a discount offer to experience their high-quality, lab-grown meat products.

9. Steven Alan

Steven Alan’s welcome email features a clean and modern design, reflecting their minimalist aesthetic. The email includes a personalized message and a call to action to shop their curated selection of contemporary fashion and accessories.

10. Future Noodles

Future Noodles’ welcome email introduces their innovative concept of instant noodles made from sustainable ingredients. The email includes a visual depiction of their product, along with a special offer to try their chef-crafted noodle bowls.

11. Alder

Alder’s welcome email showcases their premium home fragrance products with elegant imagery and a personalized message. The email also includes a call to action to explore their collection of luxury scents and diffusers.

12. Snack TBH

Snack TBH’s welcome email is lighthearted and relatable, featuring a playful tone and colorful visuals of their snack products. The email includes a personalized message and a call to action to customize a snack box based on personal preferences.

How to write a welcome email

Showcase your value proposition

Clearly communicate the unique value and benefits of your products or services in your welcome email to capture the interest of new customers.

Personalize your message

Address recipients by their name and tailor the content of your welcome email based on their preferences and past interactions with your brand.

Send your welcome email immediately

Deliver your welcome email promptly after the customer’s sign-up or purchase to capitalize on their initial engagement and enthusiasm.

Remind subscribers to remove you from filters

Encourage recipients to add your email address to their contact list to ensure that future messages from your brand are not filtered into spam or promotions folders.

Set expectations

Inform customers about the type and frequency of emails they can expect to receive from your brand, setting clear expectations for future communications.

Have a clear call to action

Include a prominent and compelling call to action in your welcome email, guiding recipients towards the next steps you want them to take, such as exploring your products or redeeming an offer.

Use high-quality imagery

Incorporate visually appealing images that represent your brand and products in the best light, capturing the attention of new customers and creating a favorable impression.

Make it mobile friendly

Optimize your welcome email for mobile devices to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for recipients who access their emails on smartphones and tablets.

Write an engaging subject line

Create a captivating subject line for your welcome email that entices recipients to open the message and discover what your brand has to offer.

Welcome email templates

Subject line templates

1. Welcome to [Your Brand]! Here’s a special offer just for you

2. Get ready to explore [Your Brand] – Here’s a little something to start

3. Welcome aboard! Discover the world of [Your Brand] with this exclusive offer

Email body templates

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

Thank you for joining [Your Brand]! We’re thrilled to have you on board and can’t wait for you to experience our [product/service]. As a special welcome treat, here’s a [discount/freebie] just for you. Start exploring our collection and make the most of this exclusive offer.

Best regards,

The [Your Brand] Team

Four apps to build a welcome email series

1. Klaviyo

2. Omnisend

3. Drip

4. Campaign Monitor

Lay the welcome mat for customers

Welcome emails FAQ

What are the benefits of sending a welcome email?

Sending a welcome email helps to create a positive first impression, establish a connection with new customers, and guide them towards making their first purchase or taking other desired actions.

How do I write a welcome email?

To write a compelling welcome email, focus on showcasing your value proposition, personalizing your message, setting clear expectations, and including a strong call to action. Use engaging subject lines and high-quality imagery to capture the attention of recipients.