An Introduction to Shopify Email: Features and Tips for 2024

What is Shopify Email?

Shopify Email is a built-in email marketing tool that allows merchants to create, send, and track their email marketing campaigns directly from their Shopify dashboard. It is designed to help e-commerce businesses easily connect with their customers and drive sales through email marketing.

Best Shopify Email features

Shopify Email comes with a range of features that are designed to help businesses create effective email marketing campaigns. Some of the best features include:

  • Edit your product titles and descriptions, right in the email
  • Grab free images, directly in the editor
  • Use the image and text block to structure your layout
  • Use a background color and spacers to add white space

Shopify Email: 4 top email marketing tips

1. Carefully curate your email list

It’s important to segment your email list and send targeted campaigns to specific groups of customers. This will help improve engagement and conversion rates.

2. Elevate your design

With Shopify Email, you can easily create visually appealing emails that showcase your products in the best light. Take advantage of the built-in design tools to create professional-looking emails that capture your brand’s aesthetic.

Edit your product titles and descriptions, right in the email

One of the key features of Shopify Email is the ability to edit product titles and descriptions directly within the email editor. This allows you to customize your email content without having to navigate away from the platform.

Grab free images, directly in the editor

Shopify Email also provides access to a library of free images that you can use in your email campaigns. This makes it easy to find high-quality visuals to enhance your email content.

Use the image and text block to structure your layout

The image and text block feature allows you to create visually appealing layouts that effectively showcase your products and promotions.

Use a background color and spacers to add white space

Adding white space to your email layout can help improve readability and overall aesthetic appeal. Shopify Email provides tools to easily add background colors and spacers to achieve this.

3. Segment your audience

Segmenting your audience based on their behavior, purchase history, and preferences allows you to send more personalized and targeted email campaigns. This can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.

4. Automate your email marketing campaigns

Take advantage of Shopify Email’s automation features to set up email sequences that are triggered by specific customer actions. This can help you stay connected with your customers and drive repeat business.

Shopify Email examples

Ogham Craft Spirits

Ogham Craft Spirits uses Shopify Email to send out regular newsletters featuring their latest product releases, upcoming events, and exclusive offers. Their visually appealing emails effectively showcase their artisanal products and drive sales.

Saltspring Kitchen Co.

Saltspring Kitchen Co. leverages Shopify Email to send out targeted email campaigns to different segments of their audience. By tailoring their content to specific customer interests, they are able to drive engagement and increase sales.

Sam James Coffee Bar

Sam James Coffee Bar uses Shopify Email to automate their email marketing campaigns, sending out welcome emails, birthday offers, and post-purchase follow-ups. This helps them stay connected with their customers and drive repeat business.

Wood Wood Toys

Wood Wood Toys creates visually appealing email campaigns using Shopify Email, showcasing their latest toy collections and special promotions. Their emails effectively capture the attention of their audience and drive sales.

Start and scale with Shopify Email

Whether you’re just starting out with email marketing or looking to scale your efforts, Shopify Email provides the tools and features you need to create effective campaigns that drive sales and engage your audience. With its built-in design tools, automation features, and seamless integration with your Shopify store, Shopify Email is a powerful tool for e-commerce businesses.

Shopify Email FAQ

How do I use Shopify Email?

Using Shopify Email is simple and straightforward. From your Shopify dashboard, you can access the email marketing tool, create and customize your email campaigns, and track their performance.

What are the steps to building an email marketing campaign in Shopify?

The steps to building an email marketing campaign in Shopify include creating a campaign, designing the email content, segmenting your audience, and scheduling the campaign to be sent at the right time.

Can I automate email marketing in Shopify?

Yes, Shopify Email provides automation features that allow you to set up email sequences based on specific triggers, such as a customer’s purchase or website activity.

How can I build my email marketing list in Shopify?

You can build your email marketing list in Shopify by offering incentives for sign-ups, creating engaging opt-in forms, and leveraging customer data to target potential subscribers.