4 e-commerce link building tactics that still work in 2024

Link building is a crucial aspect of any e-commerce marketing strategy. In order to improve your website’s search engine ranking and drive more traffic to your online store, it’s important to implement effective link building tactics. In this article, we will discuss four e-commerce link building tactics that still work in 2024, as well as a bonus tactic that you shouldn’t overlook.

1. Ask. Just ask!

One of the simplest and most effective link building tactics is to simply ask for backlinks. Reach out to other websites within your industry and politely ask if they would be willing to link to your e-commerce site. You can offer to write a guest post for their blog in exchange for a backlink, or propose a partnership or collaboration that benefits both parties. Personalized outreach is key in this tactic, so make sure to tailor your pitch to each individual website you contact.

2. Find complementary products

Another effective link building tactic is to seek out websites that sell complementary products to your own. For example, if you sell athletic apparel, you could reach out to websites that sell fitness equipment or nutritional supplements. By forming partnerships with these websites, you can exchange backlinks and mutually benefit from each other’s traffic. This tactic not only helps with link building, but also has the potential to drive qualified leads to your e-commerce site.

3. Infographics (They still work!)

Infographics are a highly shareable and engaging form of content that can attract backlinks from other websites. Creating visually appealing and informative infographics related to your e-commerce niche can encourage other websites to link to your content. You can also reach out to industry influencers and ask them to share your infographics on their social media platforms, further increasing your chances of earning backlinks. Remember to include an embed code with your infographic so that other websites can easily share it while linking back to your site.

4. Product page contests

A creative way to build backlinks to your e-commerce site is to host product page contests. This tactic involves reaching out to other websites and offering them the chance to host a contest featuring your products. In exchange for promoting the contest and linking back to your product pages, the partnering websites can offer their readers the opportunity to win your products. This not only helps with link building, but also generates buzz and interest in your products, ultimately driving more traffic and potential sales to your e-commerce store.

Bonus: Internal linking or bust

While external link building is important, don’t overlook the power of internal linking within your e-commerce site. By strategically linking to other relevant pages within your website, you can improve user experience, increase time spent on your site, and boost your search engine ranking. Make sure to include internal links in your product descriptions, blog posts, and other content to guide visitors to other pages on your site. This not only helps with SEO, but also encourages visitors to explore more of your offerings, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.

In conclusion, these e-commerce link building tactics are still highly effective in 2024. By implementing these strategies, you can improve your website’s search engine visibility, drive more traffic to your online store, and ultimately increase your sales. Remember to stay proactive and consistent in your link building efforts, and don’t underestimate the power of both external and internal linking.