Instagram Hashtags: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Instagram (2024 Edition)

What are Instagram hashtags?

Instagram hashtags are keywords or phrases preceded by the “#” symbol, used to categorize content and make it discoverable to a wider audience on the platform.

How hashtags work on Instagram

When you include a hashtag in your Instagram post or story, it becomes searchable and allows users to find similar content by clicking on or searching for that specific hashtag.

Hashtags on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can also be tagged with hashtags, allowing them to be featured in the hashtag’s story if it is popular enough.

Hashtags on Instagram Reels

Similarly, Instagram Reels can be tagged with hashtags to increase their visibility and reach on the platform.

Do hashtags still work on Instagram?

Yes, hashtags continue to be an effective way to grow your Instagram following and increase engagement with your content.

Top 50 Instagram hashtags for 2024

(Provide a list of the top 50 trending Instagram hashtags for 2024)

Top Instagram hashtags by category for 2024

Best hashtags for likes and follows

(List of top hashtags for increasing likes and follows)

Best Instagram Reels hashtags

(List of top hashtags for Instagram Reels)

Best fashion and beauty hashtags

(List of top fashion and beauty hashtags)

Best food and beverage hashtags

(List of top food and beverage hashtags)

Best travel hashtags

(List of top travel hashtags)

Best pet hashtags

(List of top pet hashtags)

Best tech and gadgets hashtags

(List of top tech and gadgets hashtags)

Best wedding hashtags

(List of top wedding hashtags)

Best fitness hashtags

(List of top fitness hashtags)

Best holiday hashtags

(List of top holiday hashtags)

Best Instagram contest hashtags

(List of top Instagram contest hashtags)

Best photography hashtags

(List of top photography hashtags)

Best B2B hashtags

(List of top B2B hashtags)

Best hashtags for small business

(List of top hashtags for small business)

Best music hashtags

(List of top music hashtags)

Best art hashtags

(List of top art hashtags)

Best nature hashtags

(List of top nature hashtags)

Top Instagram hashtag generators


(Description of Best-Hashtags and how to use it)


(Description of SISTRIX and how to use it)

Influencer Marketing Hub

(Description of Influencer Marketing Hub and how to use it)


(Description of Inflact and how to use it)

Keyword Tool

(Description of Keyword Tool and how to use it)

Types of Instagram hashtags

Branded hashtags

(Explanation of branded hashtags and how to create them)

Location-based hashtags

(Explanation of location-based hashtags and their benefits)

Community and industry hashtags

(Explanation of community and industry hashtags and how to find them)

Daily hashtags

(Explanation of daily hashtags and how to use them for consistent engagement)

Entertainment hashtags

(Explanation of entertainment hashtags and how to incorporate them into your content)

Mass appeal hashtags

(Explanation of mass appeal hashtags and their potential reach)

Occasion-based hashtags

(Explanation of occasion-based hashtags and how to leverage them for special events)

Trending hashtags

(Explanation of trending hashtags and how to stay updated with them)

Niche hashtags

(Explanation of niche hashtags and their relevance to specific audiences)

Special event hashtags

(Explanation of special event hashtags and how to use them for promotions)

Which types of hashtags should I use?

(Guidance on choosing the right types of hashtags for your Instagram content)

Benefits of using Instagram Hashtags

1. Create or join a community

(Explanation of how hashtags can help build a community around your brand)

2. Target people and groups

(Explanation of how hashtags can help target specific audiences)

3. Track posts and campaigns

(Explanation of how hashtags can be used to track the performance of your posts and campaigns)

4. Stay informed

(Explanation of how hashtags can keep you informed about industry trends and discussions)

5. Improve post SEO

(Explanation of how hashtags can improve the search engine optimization of your Instagram posts)

Tips for using hashtags on Instagram

Be mindful of the number of hashtags you use

(Guidance on the optimal number of hashtags to use in your posts)

Should my Instagram hashtags be visible?

(Answering the common question about the visibility of hashtags in Instagram posts)

Conduct Instagram hashtag research

(Tips for conducting effective hashtag research for your Instagram content)

Scope out Twitter

(Explanation of how Twitter can provide insights into trending hashtags)

Check out your competition

(Guidance on monitoring your competitors’ hashtag usage)

Monitor influencers

(Tips on following influencers to discover popular hashtags in your industry)

Avoid banned hashtags

(Guidance on checking for banned hashtags to avoid any negative impact on your posts)

Measure your Instagram hashtag strategy

(Tips on using Instagram Insights to measure the effectiveness of your hashtag strategy)

Finding the best Instagram hashtags

(Guidance on using a combination of popular, niche, and branded hashtags to maximize reach and engagement)

Instagram hashtags FAQ

Which Instagram hashtags get the most likes?

(Explanation of how to find and use hashtags that generate more likes)

What are the best Instagram hashtags?

(Guidance on finding the best hashtags for your specific content and audience)

How do I use hashtags on Instagram?

(Step-by-step instructions on how to use hashtags in your Instagram posts and stories)

Is 30 hashtags too much?

(Clarification on the optimal number of hashtags to use in an Instagram post)