TikTok Success Stories: 9 Small Businesses That Went Viral in 2024

Why is TikTok so good for small businesses?

TikTok has exploded in popularity in recent years, especially among younger generations. With its short-form video format and algorithm that prioritizes discoverability, TikTok has become a powerful tool for small businesses looking to reach new audiences and grow their brand. The platform offers a level playing field for businesses of all sizes, allowing even the smallest of startups to go viral and gain widespread attention. In this article, we’ll explore nine small businesses that leveraged TikTok to achieve remarkable success in 2024, and we’ll discuss the strategies they used to turn their brands into TikTok success stories.

Inspiring TikTok success stories

These nine small businesses were able to harness the power of TikTok to achieve remarkable success, and their stories serve as inspiration for other ecommerce shops looking to grow their online presence. By studying these success stories, we can learn valuable lessons about how to effectively use TikTok as a marketing tool and apply these strategies to our own businesses.

Dasha Derkach, Enchanted Scrunch

Dasha Derkach, the founder of Enchanted Scrunch, saw her small business go viral on TikTok in 2024. Through engaging and creative videos showcasing her unique scrunchie designs, Dasha was able to attract a large following on the platform, leading to a significant increase in sales and brand recognition for Enchanted Scrunch.

Andrea O., Peachy BBs Slime

Andrea O., the owner of Peachy BBs Slime, used TikTok to showcase her handmade slime creations, capturing the attention of a massive audience and turning her small business into a viral sensation. By consistently posting entertaining and visually appealing videos, Andrea was able to build a loyal following and drive sales for Peachy BBs Slime.

Sana and Will Saleh, Lala Hijabs

Sana and Will Saleh, the founders of Lala Hijabs, utilized TikTok to showcase their stylish and innovative hijab designs, attracting a dedicated community of followers on the platform. Their strategic use of TikTok’s features and trends helped Lala Hijabs gain widespread recognition and establish a strong online presence.

Chioma Ngwudo, CeeCee’s Closet NYC

Chioma Ngwudo, the creative mind behind CeeCee’s Closet NYC, leveraged TikTok to highlight her brand’s unique African-inspired fashion and accessories, leading to a surge in popularity and sales for her business. By tapping into TikTok’s diverse user base, Chioma was able to reach a global audience and expand the reach of CeeCee’s Closet NYC.

Kyle Hinds, Noble Leather Co.

Kyle Hinds, the founder of Noble Leather Co., utilized TikTok to showcase his high-quality leather products and craftsmanship, capturing the attention of a wide audience and generating significant interest in his brand. Through compelling storytelling and engaging content, Kyle was able to position Noble Leather Co. as a sought-after brand in the ecommerce market.

Natalie Rogers, Klassy Network

Natalie Rogers, the owner of Klassy Network, found success on TikTok by showcasing her trendy and affordable fashion items, captivating a large audience and driving sales for her online store. By embracing TikTok’s interactive features and trends, Natalie was able to establish Klassy Network as a fashion destination for TikTok users.

Matthew Crosthwaite, Ya Boy Chamoy

Matthew Crosthwaite, the creative force behind Ya Boy Chamoy, used TikTok to showcase his unique chamoy creations and build a dedicated following for his brand. By consistently posting engaging and visually appealing content, Matthew was able to grow Ya Boy Chamoy into a viral sensation on TikTok, leading to increased sales and brand recognition.

Pierce Woodward, Brand Pierre

Pierce Woodward, the founder of Brand Pierre, leveraged TikTok to showcase his innovative and stylish streetwear designs, attracting a large following and generating widespread buzz for his brand. Through strategic use of TikTok’s features and trends, Pierce was able to position Brand Pierre as a trendsetting fashion label in the ecommerce industry.

Jamal Hejazi, Candy Funhouse

Jamal Hejazi, the owner of Candy Funhouse, utilized TikTok to showcase his wide selection of unique and nostalgic candy products, capturing the attention of a diverse audience and driving sales for his online store. By creating entertaining and informative content, Jamal was able to position Candy Funhouse as a go-to destination for candy lovers on TikTok.

Turning your brand into a TikTok success story

These small businesses demonstrated how TikTok can be a game-changer for ecommerce shops, allowing them to achieve viral success and grow their online presence. By studying their strategies and embracing the creative potential of TikTok, other small businesses can position themselves for similar success in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape.